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Digital ID Scanner - Capture full text and photo id directly to the JewelPOS. Create on instant new customer account & update valuable customer mailing list.

Digital Signature Pad - Capture digital signature with each sales transaction, layaway & repair pickup. display store policy on signature pad.

Inroducing TicTags v1.02 Labeling Solution with more simple & pre-defined label settings for jewelers looking only for labeling solution.

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"We are using JewelPOS since last four years. It help us to manage our business trend and growth. There support team has always been there for us when we need them and are experts in customizing their product to our needs."

Treasures-Chicago IL

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  The JewelPOS is a comprehensive jewelry store management system designed specifically for independent wholesale jewelers. The developers has real world jewelry retail and wholesale experience and turned up with a unique and modern solution. Put decades of experience addressing Jewelers problems to work for you.

Reliability is the Reason
State-of-the-art Windows based design & RDMS data processing provide unparalleled reliability.
Flexibility is the Key
Modular approach, object-oriented design, and structured architecture provide user freindly operational environment.
Performance is the Result
Your key to higher throughputs, lower maintenance & better accessibility to business solutions.

JewelPOS v1.02 (w)- Module Detail & Screen Shots
The most user friendly GUI POS Screen.Walkin Sale, OnAccount , Layaway, Repair, Special Order, Price Quote, Trade, & Return from Single Screen.
Multiple Payments Type.
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Customer Sales, Payment & Item Purchased History.
Birthday/Anniversary Reminder
Scan Driver License Data
Mailing List & Statement
Print Detailed Reports
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Control Pieces & Weight Simuntaniously. Keep Item Sales. Purchased & Transfer Activity. Digital Photography. Set Department & Productline. Detailed & Summarised Reports
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Create Appraisal & Insurance Letter. Multiple Certificates Style. Pre-defined drop down selection for appraisal.

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Issue a Repair Extended Warranty for an item for one year or a defined period and track all the repair transaction history. Record customer visit and repair detail and cost.
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Create / Edit / Delete a Purchase Order, Receive Backorder. Create Return
orders to vendors. View and Print existing purchase order.

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Create an automatic re-order item list with specified vendor or department of accumulated item sold during defined time period. Provide in-depth analysis of each item & its profit.
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View all type of transactions history and activities, i.e Purchase, Payment, Return,
Back Order, Checks , Pre-Payments, Account Balance and Summary & Reports.
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Layaway Manager is an automate Browser and Reminder System, loaded with all past due layaway detail. Record Tele Conversation , Set Reminders for any date. View pending and picked up Layaway. Etc.
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View entire database in an explore view, Browse each and every Customer, Sales, Inventory, Purchase Order, Vendors, Pending Layaway, Repairs, Special Orders with each transaction history.
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A Graphical presentation of business trends. Display and compare sales between month. View daily, monthly sales, Purchase by each department and profit.
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Store employee time clock in and out to keep record of numbers of hours of each
employee each day. Auto calculate employee total sales amount and commission.
View Employee time log sheet.
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Collect payments on all type of balance due sales transactions. Layaway, Repair, Special Order and On Account Balance due sale. Layaway, Repair and
Special Order final pickup transaction.
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Transfer In/Out Inventory Items between different store or warehouse. Transfer module keep records of each item has been transfer or received between store warehouse.
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The Unique Item Search with different criteria with item pictures and other detail.

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Activate Gift Card with specific amount. View Balance on gift card. Accept Barcode Or Magnetic stripe gift card.

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